Whether you’re a new or seasoned Coach/Mentor, you’ve come to the right place.

The NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ (NC&MI) has a proven track record of training, equipping and supporting Coaches and Mentors globally through accredited, practical and embodied learning, grounded in the latest neuroscience methodologies.

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Regardless of your current level of exposure or experience with coaching or mentoring, our certifications and support offerings will equip and enable you to achieve your goals. We’ve certified hundreds of Coaches and Mentors globally, many of which continually come back for refreshers, reviewing, and continuous professional education and development.



We respect all professional Coach and Mentor training globally. Many delegates who started their journey elsewhere continue their education and development through our various dynamic offerings and support services. Our seasoned supervisors and facilitators do a thorough consultation to ensure you receive authentic and sound recommendations for your coaching/mentoring path.

Frequently Asked Questions


Individuals and organisations are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of wisely investing in their most valuable assets – themselves and their people. By employing professional external- or becoming professional internal Coaches and Mentors, these individuals enable and equip themselves,  their family,  friends, colleagues, staff and clients to effectively navigate and master the inevitable challenges of life and business.

Below you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the industry, application, process, results and many other important areas of Coaching and Mentoring.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional partnership between a coach and coachee(s) that provides structure, support, inquiry and feedback, which allows the coachees to:

  • Take a complete look at their current state, including their assumptions and perceptions about their work, themselves and/or others;
  • Set relevant and realistic goals for themselves, based on their own nature and needs;
  • Take relevant and realistic actions toward reaching their goals; and
  • Learn by continuously reflecting on the questions, feedback and results of their actions in pursuit of their goals.

What is NeuroCoaching more specifically?

The NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™’s approach and application to NeuroCoaching considers the functions of the mind, body and the patterns we create; how that determines what we do/don’t do; and ultimately, how those results move us further away from or closer to reaching our goals.

NeuroCoaching honours and surpasses traditional ask-and-tell questioning and equips coaches with specific skills, techniques and models to apply the beautiful relationship and functions of our multiple intelligences or “brains” along with a focused approach to the coachee’s mental framing, behavioural patterns and experience of their internal and external world.

While our Coaches and Mentors are not becoming Neuroscientists, an integral element of this approach to NeuroCoaching is understanding the fundamentals of physiology, psychology and other insights about our neurology, continuously incorporating findings and teachings informed by sound neuroscience. This approach respects throughout the relationship and the process that the coachee is in the driver’s seat and the custodian for their life, envisaged results and personal mastery.

What are the benefits/outcomes of Coaching?

Individuals/organisations often partner with professional coaches to, among other things:

  • Improve communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Develop leadership and management capabilities.
  • Find sustainable solutions to personal and work-related issues.
  • Enhance their capacity to resolve conflict.
  • Create positive changes in attitudes and motivation.
  • Increase personal confidence.
  • Change habits and improve performance.
  • Feel more engaged, valued and supported.
  • Be more prepared for organisational or role changes.
  • When combined with mentoring methodologies, create the best possible pathway to excellence.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a professional partnership between a mentor and mentee(s) that provides a structure of psychosocial support, direction, role modelling and the transfer of wisdom from a more experienced to a less experienced person. This allows the mentee to:

  • Gain the vocational knowledge, skills, and attitudes that have proven to produce the desired results;
  • Get direction or advice on their situation or role from a trusted expert;
  • Develop a greater understanding, competence and potential through shared conversations and experiences; and
  • Continue or reshape a legacy or culture that truly serves them, their organisation and the spheres they influence.

What are the benefits/outcomes of Mentoring?

Individuals/organisations often partner with professional mentors to, among other things:

  • Transfer or retain critical knowledge, skills and attitudes across teams or from one generation to another.
  • Prepare or groom new hires, high-potential employees or future leaders to advance to higher-responsibility positions effectively.
  • Increase staff retention rates, employee satisfaction, and the value they add to and get from their current position.
  • Foster new ideas and ways of doing from leaders or members of underrepresented groups.
  • Create inclusive two-way partnerships for mutual learning that value the differences each party brings.
  • Develop personal and professional qualities of resilience and adaptability.
  • When combined with coaching methodologies, create the best possible pathway to excellence.

Why become a certified Coach or Mentor?

Coaching and Mentoring are two of the fastest-growing, most impactful and increasingly lucrative business sectors globally. Both those who apply these skills and those who make use of professionals who have these skills say it is fast becoming a non-negotiable to effectively navigate life and business.

From numerous studies locally and abroad, and from our own experiences as professional coaches, mentors, facilitators and trainers here at the NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™, we are confident that there has never been a more important and appropriate time to start or expand your career as a certified professional Coach and/or Mentor.

As with any industry, specific standards need to be met and upheld to operate at a professional level. Certifying through an accredited training institute and credentialing with a recognised governing body proves that the Coach/Mentor has the required knowledge, skills and experience to effectively deliver the expected outcomes of their profession.

These standards are set by governing bodies such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Coaches And Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA), and encompass the ethics, values and practices by which professional coaches and mentors are judged to be found and remain competent. Continuing Coach Education / Continuing Professional Development as advocated by these bodies is crucial for Coaches and Mentors to remain at the forefront of their craft.

What is NC&MI’s approach to Coaching and Mentoring?

At the NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™, our Coaching and Mentoring philosophy is neuroscience-informed, strength-focused, process-driven and outcome-oriented, approached and applied holistically.

We understand that the individual or group is more than their words, behaviour or current results. Through a sound understanding of our neurology, patterning and our centres of intelligence (head, heart, gut, reproductive and Autonomic Nervous System “brains”), we equip and support Coaches and Mentors to serve their coachees and mentees in the most effective way.

The NeuroCoaching and Mentoring methodologies we teach encourage exploration, insight, desire, options, decisions, flexibility and accountability that efficiently and wisely moves the coachee or mentee toward their desired outcomes.

What does NC&MI offer to new and seasoned Coaches and Mentors?

We enable professional Coaches and Mentors like you to remain at the forefront of your craft through the latest neuroscience-informed tools, techniques, methodologies, industry insights and best practices.

Our product and service offerings include:

  • Accredited international and NC&MI-specific Coach and Mentor certifications in the fields of professional NeuroCoaching and Mentoring, multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT), NeuroLinquistic Programming (NLP) and more, for those looking to cement or expand their capabilities, service offerings and target markets.
  • Profiling services for individuals and teams using systems such as the iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram, NeuroLink NAP and Contribution Compass plus guidance on how Coaches and Mentors can leverage these services with and for their clients.
  • Coaching, mentoring, supervision and credentialing support services for coaches and mentors, to analyse and capitalise on what’s working, overcome challenging clients and situations, fast-track their personal development journey, meet and maintain the professional standards and credential requirements of governing bodies like ICF and COMENSA.
  • Our Ambassador and Associate programs give seasoned Coaches and Mentors the opportunity to leverage our collective expertise, assets and networks to collaborate on bespoke coaching and mentoring projects under the banner of the NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ and the NeuroBusiness Institute™.

Why certify through NC&MI?

Our coaches and mentors are getting excellent results with their clients and so can you.

  • Our eLearning platform and virtually facilitated, instructor-led training programs pack decades of research and expertise into days of practical, embodied learning, that you can take part in from anywhere in the world.
  • The NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ has a proven track record of over 600 coaches and mentors certified through our programs, designed and facilitated by credentialed master coaches and mentors who own and operate successful businesses, applying what they teach.
  • As a recognised and reputable training and support provider, we have all the necessary accreditations, tools and techniques to set you up for the best possible chance of success as an excellent coach and/or mentor.

Which governing bodies are NC&MI registered with?

The NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ is an accredited coach and mentor training provider with:

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) + Continuing Coach Education (CCE).
  • Coaches & Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) + Gold-Status Training Provider Programs (TPPs) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA).
  • Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO).
  • multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) International.

NC&MI Accreditation Logos


Add coaching and mentoring tools and skills to your current profession or service offering, to 10x the value and impact you bring to your spheres of influence.
Start your career as a professional certified NeuroCoach or Mentor with our discounted MNA package deals that include everything you’ll need to get set up for success.
Further your self-mastery and discover why you think, act and do the things you do, by conducting one of our online Profile Assessments.
Expand your coaching/mentoring methodologies with international certification programs. Join our virtually facilitated, instructor-led training from anywhere in the world via Zoom.
Add to your Continuing Personal Developent (CPD) and Continuing Coach Education (CCE) with the latest tools & techniques through our certification refresher packages.
Get personalised support and insights to stay at the forefront of your craft through our CoachMentor, Supervision and Credentialing services.
Explore coaching/mentoring partnership opportunities under the banner of the NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ and the NeuroBusiness Institute™ as part of our Ambassadors and Associates Guilds.



Because your needs and goals are unique, we invite you to get in touch and let us explore together the options that would be most impactful to your coaching and mentoring journey.

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    The latest in accredited, neuroscience-informed, embodied learning.
    Our virtual and in-person facilitator-led training programs equip new and seasoned NeuroCoaches and Mentors from anywhere in the world with the latest tools, techniques and methodologies.

    With various payment options for first-time delegates and substantial discounts for returning NC&MI alumni, we strive to offer the best in continuing Coach and Mentor education and development that suits your needs and budget.

    All our courses and workshops have been created as events on Facebook and LinkedIn. See the individual offerings below for more info and the event pages on social media for the latest details, special offers and discounts.

    The KimEveritt Coach Counsellor Certification

    The KimEveritt CoachCounsellor™ Certification

    Online Live (Zoom)
    Duration: 8 Weeks
    4 Sept – 30 Oct 2024
    Training Sessions: 8 x 3 hours
    Wednesdays 6pm-9pm CAT

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    NeuroCoach Mastery Certification

    NeuroCoach Mastery™ Certification

    Honed through years of practical application and passed on to you by Master Coach, Mentor and multiple business owner Kim Everitt, catapult your coaching into excellence by learning how the best neuroscience principles of coaching, mentoring, and managing combine with the entrepreneurial mindset of a professional NeuroCoach, NLP basics for quantum results, mBIT fundamentals for generative wisdoming and so much more, in the virtual NeuroCoach Mastery™ Certification (NCM).

    Online Live (Zoom)
    Duration: 12 Weeks
    23 May – 21 August 2024
    Training Sessions: 12 x 3 hours
    Thursdays 6pm-9pm CAT
    In-person: Gauteng
    Duration: 5 Days
    24 – 27 July 2024 &16 August 2024 (5th day is Online Live via Zoom)

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    NeuroLinguistic Programming Techniques Certification

    NLP TripleD™ (NeuroLinguistic Programming Techniques Certification)

    Includes the KimEveritt TripleD™ Model

    By focusing on the practical when, how and which NeuroLinguistic Programming techniques such as anchoring, changing undesirable states, timeline coaching and more, you will understand how we use language to shape our world, manage emotional states, reorganise our internal programming and create agendas for meaningful change in our NLP TripleD™ (NeuroLinguistic Programming Techniques Certification).

    Online Live (Zoom)
    Duration: 11 Weeks
    17 April – 26 June 2024
    Training Sessions: 11 x 3 hours
    Wednesdays 6pm-9pm CAT

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    mbit coaches 2024

    multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) International Coach Certification

    Ever wished there was a “definitive how-to guide” for following your heart, trusting your gut and using your head to make truly wise decisions in life and business? Learn how to harness the incredible power of your (and your coachee’s) multiple “brains” or intelligences through a suite of practical methods that ensure the head, heart and gut are aligned and integrated at their highest levels of expression for wisdom to emerge in understanding, making decisions and taking action in the multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) International Coach Certification.

    Duration: 4 Days
    Gauteng: 12 – 15 June 2024
    Cape Town: 2 – 5 October 2024

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    mBIT International Master Coach Certification

    mBIT International Master Coach™ Certification

    Calling all certified mBIT International coaches! Take your Chapter 9-ing to the next level by tapping into your other two intelligences (the ANS and Reproductive “brains”), take a deep dive into the science of mBIT and learn advanced mBraining with Master Coach and trainer Wilbert Molenaar from the Netherlands in the exclusive mBIT International Master Coach Certification (mBIT-M), at the Indaba Hotel, Spa & Conference Centre in Fourways, Gauteng.

    In-person: 2024/2025
    Duration: 6 Days

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    NeuroMentor Brilliance

    NeuroMentor™ Brilliance

    In today’s landscape of personal and professional development, mentoring remains the most effective way of transferring skills, knowledge and experience. If you want to learn the tools, techniques and models that set brilliant mentors apart from the rest.

    Online Live (Zoom)
    Duration: 8 Weeks
    10 Oct – 28 Nov 2024
    Training Sessions: 8 x 3 hours
    Thursdays 6pm-9pm CAT

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    KimEveritt Triple D Manifestation Model

    KimEveritt TripleD™ Manifestation Model

    Online Live (Zoom)
    Duration: 6 Weeks
    15 Aug – 19 Sep 2024
    Training Sessions: 6 x 3 hours
    Thursdays 6pm-9pm CAT

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    Save up to 30% with our Masters in Neurocoaching Application (MNA) discount packages:

    MNA Packages Table

    For more information or to register for any of our courses, please email
    us at coachmentor@neurocoach-institute.com or WhatsApp +27 82 773 4152.


    The NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ offers various profile assessments and debriefs to assist individuals and organisations continue their journey toward excellence and self-mastery by using the insights gained as enablers for empathy and understanding of how our different neurologies interact with each other.

    Doing a profile assessment and debriefing with a coach/mentor allows us to set SMART goals for our personal development. These tools will help you to understand why you think, feel and do the things you do, determine the areas you want to capitalise on or develop further, what and how to measure your progress towards reaching those goals, and ultimately, create happy, healthy, inclusive and prosperous relationships with yourself and those around you.

    We offer these profiling services to coaches, mentors and others in their personal capacity, and will partner with you to offer these solutions to your coachees and mentees. We also do profiling for larger groups, leadership teams and organisations through the NeuroBusiness Institute™.



    The iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram uncovers the patterns of behaviour that subconsciously drive and motivate us to act in certain ways. When we become aware of these patterns and motivations, we unlock the potential to develop richer, more supportive ways of being.

    Read More

    Individual Enneagram Profile + Debrief = R3,278

    Please contact us to explore our full range of Enneagram packages and pricing. We have different options available based on the need and quantity of assessments required.



    The Contribution Compass enables you to understand how you contribute to a team, company or organisation through the skills, abilities and “natural energy” or areas of maximum contribution that you as a person bring to the table.

    Read More

    Individual Contribution Compass Profile + Debrief = R3,910

    Please contact us to explore our full range of Contribution Compass packages and pricing. We have different options available based on the need and quantity of assessments required.


    Our coaching, mentoring, supervision and credentialing support services and programs help professionals like you to analyse and optimise your coaching/mentoring business, uphold the professional standards set by governing bodies like COMENSA and ICF, and retain the competitive edge in the markets you serve.


    Great coaches and mentors have coaches and mentors. They understand that the perspectives, insights and guidance from a trusted expert adds tremendous value to their ongoing personal and professional development.

    By employing the services of a coach/mentor, you will:

    • Experience the same coaching/mentoring benefits you give to your clients.
    • Ask new and better questions that your self-coaching/mentoring can’t.
    • Gain new perspectives about a specific client or situation.
    • Get guidance on current personal or business challenges and possible solutions.
    • Fast track your personal and professional growth as a coach/mentor.

    CoachMentor Package (3 sessions over 3 months) = R6,250
    CoachMentor Intervention (single session) = R3,220


    Supervision provides a formal space for dialogue about your coaching/mentoring practice. Going beyond coaching and mentoring, supervision allows you to analyse and manage the finer complexities of your business, to continue serving your clients in the most effective way.

    By employing the services of a qualified supervisor, you will:

    • Capitalise on your strengths as a coach/mentor by analysing what is working and why it is working.
    • Explore new ideas, techniques and resources in a supportive space.
    • Better understand how to use the right tool for each situation.
    • Stay neutral and serve your client in the most productive way.
    • Meet the requirements to acquire or maintain your credentialed status with ICF/COMENSA.

    Supervision Package (3 sessions over 3 months) = R6,250
    Supervision Intervention (single session) = R3,220

    For more info or to book a profile assessment or support service, please email

    us at coachmentor@neurocoach-institute.com or WhatsApp +27 82 773 4152.


    Through our Ambassadors and Associates Guild programs, we give NC&MI-certified coaches an opportunity to leverage their capabilities by working with us under the banners of the NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ and NeuroBusiness Institute™. As NC&MI-certified coaches, you can leverage all our NC&MI, ICF/CCE, COMENSA Gold Training Provider Programs, SSETA and QCTO accredited programs and offerings.

    NeuroCoach Mentor Institute
    Associates Guild

    When you certify through us, you automatically become an Associates Guild member as NC&MI alumni. Associates are typically employed full-time or have their own coaching brand but might not have the depth or breadth of programs, accreditations and capabilities we have as NC&MI/NBI.

    Associates can generate income through referral commissions, whether they refer clients seeking individual coach training and support through NC&MI or clients looking to develop bespoke coaching projects for their organisations through NBI. We create, cultivate and sign the deal, and the associate receives a commission for their referral. Associates have the option to get involved in executing the project(s) in a collaborative partnership, or simply refer clients to us.

    Yolande Du Plooy

    “I was given the opportunity to work with the NeuroCoach Institute as an associate on a project for one of their large corporate clients. Read More

    Yolande du Plooy

    Founder and CEO – Y-Life Coaching

    Neuro Business Institute
    ambassadors guild

    For those who prefer a more involved partnership with lucrative commission structures and a hands-on approach, we offer ambassadors the opportunity to collaborate with us in identifying, cultivating and executing new and exciting coaching deals/projects for individuals and organisations as part of our NC&MI and NBI brands.

    As coaches that are typically not employed full-time or have not established their own coaching brand, our ambassadors are armed with professional tools and NC&MI/NBI branding, allowing them to represent our companies first-hand, expand our offerings to new clients and industries, and earn referral commissions while being involved every step of the way.

    Piet Steenkamp

    “Since joining the Ambassador program the journey to my approach to life in general, the focus on business creation, and my knowledge of the coaching genre have increased in depth and width. Read More

    Piet Steenkamp

    NC&MI Ambassador

    For more info about our ambassadors or associates guild, please email
    us at business@neurocoach-institute.com or WhatsApp +27 82 773 4152.


    The NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ has a proven track record of certifying, supporting and equipping coaches and mentors globally through accredited, practical and embodied learning, grounded in the latest neuroscience methodologies.


    “Authenticity, Professionalism and Quality with a strong dose of Love is what you will experience with the NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ and NeuroBusiness Institute™. Our team and I breathe this. I am confident that your journey with us will be deeply rewarding and transformational, like it has been for the thousands of individuals, teams and organisations that have partnered with us.”

    Kim Everitt, Founder & CEO

    Kim Everitt
    NeuroCoach™ & Mentor Institute Accreditations


    At the NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ we respect and understand the importance of being a member affiliated or accredited to a regulatory body. Together with feedback from our delegates and alumni returning to our fold, these sound accreditations give peace of mind and social proof to our future clients.

    As a training provider, certifier and credentialer, we carefully select our affiliation with local and international regulatory bodies. In addition and even more prominent is our deep-rooted internal regulation and value system that ensures exceptional service delivery to our clients. We achieve exceptional quality through the valueable the feedback from our delegates and the success they are achieving with their clients.

    • Our company structure is unique, with two prominent business units that allow us to offer bespoke coaching and mentoring products and services to individuals, teams and organisations across a wide variety of industries.
    • The NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™, certifying supporting and equipping NeuroCoaches and Mentors.
    • The NeuroBusiness Institute™, certifying, facilitating and training small to large companies, individuals and teams in business.
    • Our Guild programs give our alumni the opportunity to partner with us, leveraging our combined resources to expand their offerings and target markets.
    • With a proven track record and client-centred approach from consultation to delivery and review, our business units have equipped hundreds of individuals and organisations with tools and techniques that generate excellent results in record time.
    Certifying, supporting and equipping professional coaches and mentors

    Through the latest in accredited, neuroscience-informed, embodied learning, the NeuroCoach & Mentor Institute™ offers virtual and in-person facilitator-led training programs that equip new and seasoned Coaches and Mentors from anywhere in the world with the latest tools, techniques and methodologies to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

    NC&MI’s flagship certifications and training programs:

    • NeuroCoach & Mentoring Fundamentals™ Certification
    • NeuroLife & Executive Coach™ Certification
    • NeuroCoach Masters™ Certification
    • NLP Techniques for Coaches & Practitioners™ Certification
    • mBIT International Coach Certification
    • mBIT International Master Coach Certification
    • COACHtrepreneur™
    • MENTORbrilliance™
    • And more!

    For more info, please email us at coachmentor@neurocoach-institute.com.

    NeuroBusiness Institute

    As an accredited service provider, The NeuroBusiness Institute™ offers acclaimed cutting-edge, outcomes-based Coaching and Mentoring certifications, programs, workshops and services to organisations. Our clients range from Entrepreneurial start-ups and established businesses, to SMMEs and Corporates, with tailor-made solutions for all levels of leadership.

    NBI’s flagship certifications and training programs:

    • NeuroLeadership™ Brilliance
    • NeuroSelling™ Excellence
    • The Professional NeuroCoach™ MentorManager
    • The Corporate Coaching Parent
    • BusinessTrepreneur™ Mindset in Organisation
    • Life & Business Skills for Young Professionals
    • Professional Mentorship in Business
    • And more!

    For more info, please email us at business@neurocoach-institute.com.


    This enables a deeper understanding of how to coach and mentor, how neuroscience confirms and endorses learning through these techniques and improves the effectiveness of its application. The neuroscience of coaching and mentoring clearly demonstrates how brain-based methodologies work in practice, and how the power of the mind can be harnessed to help an individual learn and grow.
    Our coaches and mentors are trained to assess, explore and dedicate the process to the individual or group’s strengths. Our battery and selection of techniques and assessments assist us in identifying an individual or group’s core strengths on which to capitalize.
    Our coaches and mentors are trained in the skilful application of sound processes and methodologies. We continuously support our coaches and mentors to enable exponential growth, following a clearly articulated and well-structured coaching and mentoring application and development path.
    We train coaches and mentors to focus firmly on objectives and outcomes, enabling insights into the way forward. Our practical and dynamic toolkits ensure the sustainable application of learned skills. These toolkits also provide measurements and assessments which ensure that desired outcomes and goals are achieved. This approach generates insight fast, motivates understanding of various coaching and mentoring needs, uncovers natural strengths and sustains newly learned behaviour.


    The ultimate measure of our success is not only the quality of the coaches and mentors we train and equip, but also by the success and results they’re getting with their clients.

    and counting

    Proven, neuroscience-informed and acclaimed products, service offerings and growth opportunities

    More than

    Coaches & Mentors certified, supported and gaining experience through our accredited programmes, services and webinars

    More than

    Hours worth of training material, ongoing development and delegate hours spent using our interactive and client-centric eLearning platform

    More than

    Lives transformed and personal mastery gained through our professional Coaches and Mentors applying their embodied teachings globally

    What people say about our training programs:

    “The greatest investment I have made to date. Being a professional trainer in the banking development sector this Coach certification has had the most practical and impactful results on my professional expertise. Thank you NeuroCoach Institute!”
    “I am a professional in the industry of Psychology. This Coach certification has undoubtedly enriched and enhanced my offering as well as approach to clients. Delivered with professionalism and what a dynamic facilitation method! I would recommend the NeuroCoach Institute to any person even remotely considering such a certification.”
    “I have done other Coach certifications and courses. This is by far the most practical, professional and insightful certification by far. In addition, my previous mBIT and NLP with NCI in Cape Town were beyond impactful and I would recommend that any person seriously consider doing business with this authentic company.”
    – Internal Coach in IT industry

    What people say about our alumni in action:

    “I have been with my coach for 3 sessions, and the tangible results and candid approach is to say the least, phenomenal. In only 3 sessions I had breakthroughs which were not reached in 4 years of psychology.”
    “Professional, approachable and accountable is the spirit and application I experienced. I actually started off as a client assisting the coach in his practical assignments toward his certification and decided it was so powerful that I became a paying client. Need I say more.”
    “What a powerful and quantum journey. My coach who used NeuroCoaching techniques and aligned my multiple brains allowed transformation as I have not yet experienced before. I would recommend her to anyone at anytime. Powerful!”

    For more info or to explore these offerings with one of our CoachMentors, please email
    us at coachmentor@neurocoach-institute.com or WhatsApp +27 82 773 4152.


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